What Lumana group has in mind?

Lumana complex has always tried to provide high quality services and products according to consumers’ tastes by applying and combining expertise, art, and technology so that it has succeeded in establishing long-term relationships with its customers in various parts of the globe.
We are honored to create a sense of confidence in our customers by involving them in the whole process and this has resulted in practical cooperation in the long run.

Learn about resources we use in PetroLumana

PetroLumana has been petrochemical product wholesaler with more than 20 years of experience in the petrochemistry industry and, it can provide the quickest method you need to make purchasing products more delightful. So, here we have the resources you need to have the products you desire.

Step by step project monitoring

​As a customer, you can continually monitor project process and enjoy our warranty in case of dissatisfaction.
We are committed to present you the desired products, based on what you require. So, to receive free samples, don’t hesitate to send us your inquiries by filling the form we provide you with.

Petrolumana Origin

Petrolumana was established in 2015, as a subsidiary of Lumana group, and based on what we have done within 20 years, and the success we have achieved in the food, steel and iron, raw material, and disposables industry, Petrolumana company has initiated a new path in supplying, transporting, and exporting various petrochemical products to different parts of the world.

Our Mission

Generating new experiences for better customer satisfaction.


Reliable Logistics

Petrolumana Provides Its Clients With The Fastest And Safest Logistic Services.


Order Customization

Petrolumana Offers The Possibility Of Customizing Any Kinds Of Orders By The Clients .


24/7 Customer Service

Petrolumana Offers Customer Support Within 24 Hours And 7 Days Of The Week.


Full Product Range

Petrolumana Provides A Complete Range Of Products Based On What You Choose.